Astor is my German shepherd mix.  He's actually called Tar so Astor is just a fancy name, whatever. :))
He was born on 7th december 2007. Astor was my favourite puppy in a litter from the start. He was so special, always so happy and full od energy and always awake when his brothers and a sister slept. I remember that he was crazy on my shoe-laces (oh and i was 11 that time). I also remember that he always came to me before other pups did… So yes, I chose him. I still remember that i was on the school excursion – three days, and i didn't know if i will get a dog or no. But then all turns right and here is Astor, my perfect dog ever. (:

He has just perfect character for me. I'm soooo glad that he isn't like other GSDs and has better character for me. He's is crazy on watter, balls and other toys, frisbee, agility, working with me, doing tricks etc. Yes he's all crazy and that's why i love his character so much. I'm obsessed with working with dogs, with agility and all of this stuff so he's really the most amazing dog for me. 

He's always in a good mood, ready for action and fun with me. Even if I wake up him at the middle of the night.:)))) Well I love sleeping so it's not really often but if I really do it, he is the happiest dog in the world, ready to go with me anywhere. :) When I work with him, he always do the best he can or even more haha...and all that with the biggest smile ever. He actually get nervous if he's to tired for working so he usually exceed and I must always be so careful beacause he just can't stop. He's also very protective to me at home and around itd. But at the other places (and when we go somewhere with a car) he's normal, very friendly dog. Astor loves playing with other dogs but even more he loves playing/beeing with me. People often say he looks at me like i'm the God. Well, actually i'm something like a God for him. :) I love him soo much and I just can't imagine the life without him. Astor thank you for everything! 

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